Amore Mio

Eau de Parfum 100ml & Body lotion 100ml & Spray 15ml -

Revisit the forbidden fruit myth, with this sparkling and powdery fragrance... A nectar of sweetness...

Amore Mio

5 perfumes of 7ml -

Enter Amore Mio's Garden of Eden and let yourself go with its sweet elixirs. Amore Mio revisits the myth of the forbidden fruit for a modern, young woman, both curious and romantic, who loves secrets.

Amore Mio White Pearl

Eau de Parfum 100ml & Glitter Body Lotion 100ml & Mini 7ml -

Get immersed in the winter softness and the magic of Christmas with Amore Mio White Pearl. This floriental perfume with musky vanilla fragrance trail transports you with delicacy under warm snowflakes, iridescent such as precious pearls.

Cassandra Rose Intense

Eau de Parfum 100ml & Body Lotion 150ml -

The fresh and fruity start of bergamot and litchee evokes the morning dew on the rose petals. Then the heart mixes the rosebud with the lily of the valley to celebrate romanticism and femininity, to end on sensual and velvety notes of amber and peach.

Cassandra Roses Blanches

Eau de Parfum 100ml & Body Lotion 150ml -

Cassandra Rose Blanche honours the White Rose, symbol of love and loyalty. As a burgeoning love, Cassandra Roses Blanches embodies the purity and the innocence of this sensitive woman.

Colonial Club Legend

Eau de Toilette 100ml & After-shave Balm 75ml & Shower Gel 75ml -

Colonial Club Legend comes within the universe of refined perfumes. A citrusy woody chypre fragrance intended for a real Gentleman. Colonial Club Legend is dedicated to this iconic man with an attitude of conqueror adventurer’s soul.

Colonial Club Signature

Eau de Toilette 100ml & After-shave Balm 75ml & Shower Gel 75ml -

Colonial Club Signature is part of the refined perfume universe. An elegant, modern fragrance intended for a genuine Gentleman. Colonial Club Signature is dedicated to that charismatic man with the look of a conqueror.

Guipure Et Silk

Eau de Parfum 100ml & Body Lotion 100ml & Spray 10ml -

Refinement and seduction... thanks to its generous forms, its sexy lace and its sweet and sensual notes…

Guipure Et Silk Vanille

Eau de Parfum 100ml & Body Lotion 100ml & spray 10ml -

Guipure & Silk Ylang Vanille begins on the exotic notes of coconut mixed with plum, then the captivating delicacy of flowers of Ylang Ylang complemented by keys of cedarwood appears in heart notes. The key notes of vanilla warm the fragrance in a sensual gourmand fragrance trail, and the musk adds sophisticated powder aromas.

JS Magnetic Power

100ml Eau de Toilette & After-shave balm 75ml & Shower gel 75ml -

JS Magnetic Power reveals the duality of the fascinating male, cosmopolitan and universal with magnetic perception.

JS Magnetic Sport

100ml Eau de Toilette & After-shave balm 75ml & Shower gel 75ml - -

A magnetic fragrance, a woody and spicy wake. The new JS Magnetic Power Sport is aimed at modern and charismatic men. An eternal classy style and the promise of an instinctive and vibrant eau de toilette.

Rocky Man

Eau de Toilette 100ml & Body Spray 200ml -

A powerful and manly fragrance for seducers...

Rocky Man Red Light

Eau de Toilette 100ml & Shampooing Shower 150ml -

Rocky Man Red Light is an electric fragrance for men of the night, seductive and scandalous. We cannot resist to their drawing power.