Boum Candy Land

Eau de Parfum 60ml & Shower Gel 200ml -

Cupcakes and cakepops, sweets and macaroons, madeleines and marshmallows... she dives into the pastry and her eyes dart around all these confectioneries... Do not resist anymore, enter a world of treats with Boum Candy Land, the new addition to the Best Seller Boum collection. A sweet vanilla fragrance for mischievous young girls with a sweet tooth, which is reminiscent of tasty treats from the oven.

Boum Sweet Lollipop

Eau de Parfum 60ml & Shower Gel 200ml -

Fall under the irresistible softness of Boum Sweet Lollipos, enter in a gingerbread house and rediscover the enchanting world of your childhood barley sugars. A fragrance for all the young girls who love confectionery: scented with sweetness while being fruity and spicy.

Boum Vanille Pomme D'amour

Eau de Parfum 60ml & Body Lotion 200ml -

Boum! You are in the middle of circus tents ,candy floss, and sparkling lights ... Caught by the sweet scent of love apple, you are spinning in the middle of sweet notes of praline and apple to finish on a mild touch of vanilla ... A moment where all emotions get mixed ... And you want more, always more ...

Love Generation Glam

Eau de Parfum 60ml & Glitter Body Lotion 150ml -

Love Generation Glam was created for this glamorous young woman in love who loves everything that glitters: sparkles and sequins to attract attention during her fashionable gathering. A fruity chypre perfume with a glitter fragrance for the one who like to be the center of attention.

Love Generation Mystic

Eau de Parfum 60ml & Body Lotion 150ml -

Love Generation Mystic is a festival of fragrance where sensual notes of vanilla and sweet floral arrangements delicately come together. Love Generation Mystic was created for this young, bohemian fashionista in search of spirituality.

Love Generation Rock

Eau de Parfum 60ml & Body Lotion 150ml -

Un parfum énigmatique où se mêlent sensualité et légèreté, pour les jeunes femmes qui s’assument, fascinantes et mystérieuses…

Love Generation Sexy

Eau de Parfum 60ml & Body Lotion 150ml -

A citrusy and sensual, that will awake all senses and stimulate a woman with sex-appeal…