jeanne arthes,
the french know-how

Since 1978, Jeanne Arthes produces its own perfumes in the south of France, in Grasse, worldwide capital of perfume. Since 2013, the brand aso produces its own range of cosmetics in its factory ensuring its French “savoir-faire”.

Each creation is the result of a strong collaboration with a perfumer from Grasse, which permits us to combine traditional “savoir-faire” to innovative and sophisticated techniques.

creativity & innovation

Jeanne Arthes offers trendy and fashionable perfumes. Innovative products, creative and popular, perfumes that suit you best, this our group commitment.


Our quality department insures the product quality and the consumer security. Since 2015, the site is GMP certified (ISO 22716), which guarantees the product traceability and security to our consumers. Therefore, several tests on our products are made before to validate the formulas, in-house (Stability check to heat, cold and light) and externally (Challenge test, Eye and skin irritation test…).

Accessible prices

Mr. Bernard Perrin, founder of Jeanne Arthes, had always been firmly convinced that the French fine fragrances should and could be known to all. So he decided to create this company with the aim and ambition to offer high quality perfumes at competitive prices.