Eau de parfum - 100ml

Unlock Boum, to free sweet and sensual scents. When your heart goes Boum, love starts to grow.

Top Notes: Strawberry, blackcurrent
Heart Notes: rose, peony, orris, freesia, violet, raspberry leave
Base Notes: sandalwood, cedarwood, amber, white musc

Boum Candy Land

Eau de parfum - 100ml

Cupcakes and cakepops, sweets and macaroons, madeleines and marshmallows... she dives into the pastry and her eyes dart around all these confectioneries... Do not resist anymore, enter a world of treats with Boum Candy Land, the new addition to the Best Seller Boum collection. A sweet vanilla fragrance for mischievous young girls with a sweet tooth, which is reminiscent of tasty treats from the oven. The Boom Candy Land bottle and box evokes the shapes and colours of all these sweets we love to taste.

Top Notes: Mandarin, Blackcurrant syrup, Hot Milk
Heart Notes: Orange Blossom, Melon Flower, Toffee
Base Notes: Sandalwood Musk, Cotton candy, Vanilla

Boum Sweet Lollipops

Eau de parfum - 100ml

Don't resist the irresistible sweetness of Boum Sweet Lollipops; come inside a gingerbread house and rediscover the enchanted world of barley sugar from your earliest childhood. A lovely smell for every girl who loves sweets: entirely delightful to eat while being fruity and spicy.

Top Notes: Orange, Cinnamon
Heart Notes: Ginger, Nutmeg
Base Notes: Candy floss, Vanilla

Boum Vanille Pomme D’amour

Eau de parfum - 100ml

"Boum Vanille et sa Pomme d’amour" that’s the magical world of the funfair and the circus. Boum! You are in the middle of circus tents ,candy floss, and sparkling lights ... It includes the romantic side of the Boum concept (Boum, boum and your heart goes on) but also mystery, magic and sweetness.

Top Notes: orange, love, apple
Heart Notes: apple, praline
Base Notes: vanilla, musk

Love Generation Art’s

Eau de parfum - 60ml

Love Generation Art’s is an urban concept full of energy. It includes in the same time joy, artistic expression and a rebellious attitude…a real sense of freedom! This fragrance is a game of seduction for young urban women, playful and rebellious.

Top Notes: orange, madarin, raspberry
Heart Notes: orange blossom, jasmine
Base Notes: honey, patchouly

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Love Generation Fashion Victim

Eau de parfum - 60ml

Surprising evolution for this Love Generation Fashion Victim perfume… A dazzling, charismatic and bright temperament for couture young women with an incredible class ! After the succes of Love Generation Sexy and Love Generation Rock, Love Generation Fashion Victim is a strong and attractive concept which reinforces the Love Generation range of Jeanne Arthes.

Top Notes: orange, grapefuit, pear
Heart Notes: ginger, peach, jasmine
Base Notes: vanilla, musks, sandalwood

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Love Generation Mystic

Eau de parfum - 60ml

Love Generation Mystic is an olfactory festival where the sensual notes of vanilla meet with delicacy the sweetness of floral notes. Love Generation Mystic, was created for this young Bohemian fashionista in search of spirituality.

Top Notes: Sparkling Orange, Pink Pepper, Hazelnut
Heart Notes: Jasmine, Orange Blossom, Ginger
Base Notes: Vanilla, Sandalwood, Cashemere wood, Amber

Love Generation Pin-up

Eau de parfum - 60ml

Love Generation Pin-Up is a feminine concentrate. An addictive, playful and multi-faceted cocktail for young fashionistas who are always daring, spontaneous and glamorous. A floral-fruity scent with a captivating wake that will charm every pin-up girl in the making.

Top notes: Bergamot orange, mandarin.
Middle notes: Rose, jasmine.
Base notes: Sandalwood, patchouli, musk.

Love Generation Rock

Eau de parfum - 60 ml

Love Generation Rock is a sexy and rock’n’roll concept, which blends colors, cheerfulness, and freedom, with a rebellious and mysterious attitude. An enigmatic perfume mixing sensuality and lightness, for fascinating and mysterious young women… With the sucess story of Love Generation Sexy, Love Generation Rock is a strong concept which reinforces the Love Generation range.

Note de tête: Thym blanc, Mandarine, Safran
Note de cœur: Orchidée, Ylang Ylang, Fleur de lys
Note de fond: Féve tonka, Vanille, Bois de palissandre, Absolu chêne

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Love Generation Sexy

Eau de parfum - 100ml

Love Generation Sexy reveals the sexy attitude of a delightfully provocating and divinely fascinating woman… This fragrance will spice up the imagination of a woman in search of glamour and fantasy. An aphrodisiac fragrance that will awake all senses and stimulate a woman with sex-appeal. Love Generation Sexy is a journey into the deep senses of intimacy, seduction and love.

Top Notes: mandarin, lemon sorbet
Heart Notes: love apple, jasmine, lipstick accord, nectarine, patchouli
Base Notes: sandalwood, rasberry, creamy vanilla, musk

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Eau de parfum - 50ml

From the love game « he loves me, he loves me not », Lover is meant for the fun, imaginative and joyfull girls. This tender fragrance will seduce with its freshness and modernity, all the insouciant young ladies. The petals flying with the wind characterize this fragrance, very colorfull, subtle and feminine.

Top Notes: freesia, mandarin, passion fruit, blackcurrant
Heart Notes: jasmine, honeysuckle, apricot, plum, apple, raspberry
Base Notes: musk, peach, amber, mahogany wood, cedarwood