Love Never Dies

Eau de parfum - 60 ml

For romantic in love women, LOVE NEVER DIES reflects both beauty and purity of eternal love, but also all its mystery. This elegant and refined fragrance embodies the dream and sensitiveness of hearts secretely in love. Women seeking for unconditional love, will recognize themselves in this perfume looking like a diamond.

Top Notes: badiane, lemon, blackcurrant
Heart Notes: jasmine, lily of the valley, violet, rose, gree leaves
Base Notes: vanilla, sandalwood, amber, rosewood

Love Never Dies Gold

Eau de parfum - 60ml

Love Never Dies Gold recalls eternal love with its diamond shape bottle… Everlasting love. This second edition of Love Never dies puts forward the passion and sensuality with the mix of gold colors and precious stones & pearls. Let your love shine through with this new edition of Love Never Dies Gold in its transparent luxury box!

Top Notes: truffle, pinl grapefruit, blackberry
Heart Notes: orchidn wild lily of the valley, brazilian gardenia
Base Notes: grey amber, olibanum, black chocolate

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Love Never Dies Night Dream

Eau de parfum - 60 ml

Love Never dies Night Dream is a fragrance for fashionable girls. A soft, sensual and wild oriental which such a carnivorous plant, imprison her prey of softness and delight.

Top Notes: bitter Orange, rose Peper, Cinnamon, Bergamot
Heart Notes: Cedar, essence Rose, absolute Rose, Coconut
Base Notes: Tonka, Sandalwood, Tolu balm, Almond, Vanilla