Petite Jeanne - Best friends forever

Eau de parfum - 30ml

The crunchy green apple and white freesia blend with notes of jasmine, white lily of the valley and sweet pineapple while the refined notes of white iris, amber and heliotrope sign the fragrance of this floral, fruity and tasty harmony.

Top notes: Green apple, white freesia.
Middle notes: Jasmine, white lily of the valley, pineapple.
Base notes: White iris, amber, heliotrope.

Petite Jeanne - Go for it !

Eau de parfum - 30ml

The delicacy of the rose associated with the joyful freshness of the lemon, blackcurrant or even the litchi blends with the subtle middle notes of white freesia, lily of the valley and jasmine. The musk, amber and juicy peach complete this composition with great finesse.

Top notes: Lemon, rose, blackcurrant, litchi.
Middle notes: White freesia, lily of the valley, jasmine.
Base notes: Musk, amber, peach.

Petite Jeanne - Is this love ?

Eau de parfum - 30ml

The juicy pear and plum blossom blend with the floral and woody notes of Sandalwood, cyclamen and rosebuds while it is the notes of raspberry, cedar wood and white musk that give the fragrance both a discreet and tasty scent.

Top notes: Pear, plum blossom.
Middle notes: Cyclamen, rosebuds, sandalwood.
Base notes: Cedar wood, raspberry, white musk.

Petite Jeanne - Never stop smiling

Eau de parfum - 30ml

The fragrance opens onto a delicious duo of apple and sweet almond, completed by the delicate freshness of lily of the valley and rose, revealing musky notes little by little for a discreet and refined fragrance.

Top notes: Apple, sweet almond.
Middle notes: Lily of the valley, rose.
Base notes: Musk, salycile harmony.

Petite Jeanne - Over the rainbow

Eau de parfum - 30ml

The sparkling freshness of the apple and lime are surrounded by a bouquet of white flowers, roses and peonies while the tasty, suave notes of raspberry and musk enhance the fragrance for a deliciously irresistible scent.

Top notes: Apple, lime.
Middle notes: White flower, rose, peony.
Base notes: Raspberry, musk.